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About Mushroom Mama

About Mushroom Mama

me-2-1-.jpgI am proud to be a life-long foodie!  During my early food years, everyone made fun of me for eating healthy…45 years ago, paying attention to what you eat was not the norm!

In my twenties, I worked as a purchaser at Erewhon Natural Foods in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Erewhon, (pronounced AIR-wahn) derived its name from a nineteenth century novel by Samuel Butler. In the novel, Erewhon (nowhere, spelled backwards, almost) was about a utopian society where it was a crime to be sick and everyone was responsible for their own health.  What a concept!

Founded by Michio and Aveline Kushi, Erewhon was a leader in natural food development and distribution in the 60s and 70s. Paul Hawken was just leaving as the CEO when I arrived.  For years, I was part of a tribe of food lovers that were pioneers in the natural food movement.  We ground wholewheat berries into flour (when no one was gluten-intolerant), ground peanuts into peanut butter (when there was no aflatoxin) and packaged one of the first lines of trail mixes. Back then, in the good ole days, NOTHING contained sugar or evaporated cane juice.  All natural food stores sold…well…natural foods!

My job as one of the purchasers at Erewhon was ordering enormous containers of miso, tamari, soba and sea vegetables from Japan then working with US customs for clearance into the states.  I also ordered railcars of organic rice cakes, jam, potato chips, grain and other natural foods from the west coast.  In a nutshell, my job was to buy the highest quality food available so we could distribute it to natural food stores all over New England.


At Erewhon, I met Bill, my husband of thirty-five years.  Bill was the trucking manager whose job was to oversee the many tractor-trailers that delivered our incredibly healthy food to natural food stores.

Erewhon was a macrobiotic company, embracing a Japanese grain and vegetable-based diet. During these years, I was introduced to the concept of food is medicine, integrating ideas like the cook’s mood and thoughts affect the food you are preparing.  I loved that I was sharing my energy through the food I cooked.  For many years I immersed myself in the world of nutrient-dense foods with the Erewhon family of young like-minded foodies. Though  I am no longer macrobiotic, those years were critical for me, learning the value of strong healthy food…and how to cook it.

Eventually, Bill and I migrated west to Santa Fe, New Mexico where we raised our three home-grown children, Leif, Margaret and Sky on organic veggies, rice kayu bread, amasake and homemade tofu and seitan.  Strong food grew strong babies.  When I learned the value of mochi for nursing mothers and was a nursing mother, we birthed Margaret’s Mochi, distributing our home-made mochi (a Japanese pounded sweet rice food) in the southwestern US.


Only a few years ago, I discovered the amazing healing power of medicinal mushrooms.  I had been mushroom-phobic…thinking…ew, mushrooms are bad-for-you fungi.  After educating myself like crazy, I now believe that medicinal mushrooms are part of the solution we so desperately need. Toxicity and stress are at an all time high.  We the people and our earth need medicinal mushrooms, allies who provide us with immune-boosting phyto-chemicals that strengthen all who ingest them.

As I experimented with making medicinal mushroom teas, I shared them with friends and family who loved them as much as I did.  Since all my children have grown, perhaps I needed a new baby to care for so Mushroom Mama is my most recent newborn.

I personally owe a mountain of gratitude to Paul Stamets for all I have learned from him about medicinal mushrooms. In my opinion, the work he is doing is just what our world desperately needs!


Mushroom Mama is proud to offer you five unique nutrient-dense medicinal mushroom teas made with Organic  Chaga, Cordyceps, Maitake, Red Reishi and Shiitake plus a line of Double-Extracted Tinctures.

 Not only can you make tea with these medicinal mushroom powders but do add them to your cooking…check out my recipes and let me know what think!

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No illness which can be treated by diet should be treated by any other means.  Moses Maimonides

Love People. Serve People. Feed People. Remember God.