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Cacao Butter


Did you know that cacao butter, the pure oil of the cacao bean, is what white chocolate is made of? This yummy oil is the perfect addition to dessert recipes, smoothies, ice creams or any chocolate creation.

Our Cacao Butter is created through a proprietary cold-pressed method by cold-pressing organic cacao nibs in such a way that the oil separates from the protein and fiber. It retains all its natural healing properties because it is not damaged by heat. Cocoa butter contains tocopherols and polyphenols that can suppress free radicals and soothe skin irritations. 

Cacao butter is one of the best skin moisturizers and massage oils.


Cocoa butter also contains stearic acid which may reduce levels of cholesterol in the blood.

Raw cacao butter has a rich, smooth texture that is often used it in place of coconut oil in recipes.  It is a wonderful addition to any of Mushroom Mama's mushroom teas.





Medicinal Benefits of Cacao Butter:

● mood elevating properties
● natural aphrodisiac
● super powerful antioxidant
● supports healthy heart
● anti-inflammatory
● improves digestion
● helpful for skin problems
● builds strong bones & teeth
● lowers blood glucose levels
● balances cholesterol
● reduces blood pressure

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