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Mama's Superfoods

Many of us are aware that our food system is more compromised than ever before.  The soils is saturated with chemicals, the water is fluoridated, seeds are being genetically modified and our bodies are stressed beyond belief as we try harder and harder to digest whatever we place in our mouths.

Even those of us who choose to eat an organic diet can use all the help we can get.  Deliberate mastication, digestive enzymes, and gluten-free choices are now in reach but we need more.  Superfoods can help a lot.  Though medicinal mushrooms are some of the most beneficial plants in the world, there are other nutrient-dense options.  Here are a handful of some of my favorite superfoods.

It’s supposed to be a secret but I’ll tell you anyway.  We doctors do nothing.  We only help and encourage the doctor within.  Dr. Albert Schweitzer