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reishi2.jpgMushrooms are Serious Superfoods!Did you know that penicillin, streptomycin and tetracycline are all essentially mushroom extracts? Fungi produce antibiotics against bacteria. There are 1-2 million species of fungi in the kingdom of fungi and we share a more common ancestry with fungi that we do with any other kingdom.

The difference between medicinal mushrooms and the ones that are on your pizza are that medicinal mushrooms contain immune activating beta-glucans and other healing polysaccharides within their indigestible cell walls.


Paul Stamets, THE mycologist of our time, believes everyone should be eating mushrooms of some kind every day. Mushrooms have antioxidant properties, empowering the immune system. Who knew that the proteins in mushrooms hold all the essential amino acids needed in our diet? Mushrooms are higher in essential amino acids than soybeans, kidney beans, peanuts, or corn; they place almost as high as milk.

Mushrooms are the fruiting bodies of mycelia, which is a fine cobweb-like substance in the ground. Mushrooms are to the mycelium like apples are to the roots of apple trees. There are mosaics of mycelial mats that course through the ecosystem unseen and underfoot and every so often they erupt into mushrooms, like icebergs popping up out of the ocean. The magical transformation of wood pulp (which is indigestible) into something that is digestible in the form of a mushroom is one of the magical feats of nature.  


Think of mycelium as a whole food. The baby mushrooms arise from the mother mycelium-it’s the mother that gives rise to the babies, the fruiting body structures. The largest land-living organism known to date is a mycelial mat in Eastern Oregon that is 2200 acres in size and one cell wall thick!

Mushroom and mushroom mycelia are extremely rich in serotonin which is the basic neurotransmitter that our synapses use to communicate thought and other neurological functions. The organization of mycelium is very much like the organization of neurons in the human brain and digestive system.  It is the underground internet.

Medicinal mushrooms are some of the most powerful herbs in the world. Their cellular constituents are said to profoundly improve the quality of human health. Early on, indigenous peoples discovered these plants were exceptionally good at preventing and curing infection. Although most are too tough to eat, they can be boiled to make a rich tea with health strengthening effects and anti-microbial properties. Boiling kills any contaminants, softens the flesh, and extracts the rich soluble polysaccharides. In modern times, the commercial production of mycelium (by Paul Stamets and others) provide us with a cleaner and more digestible products than traditional mushroom preparations.


A total of 126 medicinal functions are thought to be produced by medicinal mushrooms and fungi including anti-tumor, immuno-modulating, anti-oxidant, radical scavenging, cardiovascular, anti-hypercholesterolemia, anti-viral, antibacterial, anti-parasitic, anti-fungal, detoxification, hepatoprotective and anti-diabetic effects. (Dr. Solomon P. Wasser, PhD, Professor of Botany and Mycology at the University of Haifa, Editor-in Chief, International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms)

Consuming these medicinal superfoods improves the immune system and increases longevity. These amazing organisms, which may be ingested multiple times a day, have been shown to help with many modern-day ailments and stresses.

A number of researchers conclude that a blend of medicinal mushrooms maximizes the immune system. Blending a few types of medicinal mushrooms allows them to work synergistically to awaken and strengthen the immune system.

Mushroom Mama is proud to offer five unique nutrient-dense medicinal mushroom teas made with Organic or Wildcrafted ChagaCordyceps, MaitakeRed Reishi and Shiitake and a line of Double-Extracted Tinctures.


Medicinal mushrooms are nutrient-dense food and sediment may settle to the bottom of your tea cup.  Either drink those dregs or add more hot tea water and enjoy a more mellow second round of earthy delight! These teas are also delicious cold. (And if you don’t want to eat them, put the medicinal mushroom powder in capsules!)

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The majority of modern medicines originate in nature. Although some mushrooms have been used in therapies for thousands of years, we are still discovering new potential medicines hidden within them. – Paul Stamets

Scientific research on the benefits of medicinal mushrooms is vast and literally so extensive it could be referenced in volumes on paper.  We are listing but a few of the scientific and researched footnotes available to the general public.  None-theless, we are required to make no claims and list our disclaimer as follows. 

Disclaimer: None of this information on this website is intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease because that would be illegal. Please consult your physician as necessary.