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Most natto is made from GMO soybeans but not ours!  This organic natto powder is created from fermented organic soybeans and contains Vitamin K which is proven to help rebuild bone and protect against heart disease.


Two types of Vitamin K exist: Vitamin K1 and Vitamin K2. Vitamin K1, phylloquinone, is found in kale and swiss chard and other leafy greens. Studies show that only about 10% of the vitamin K1 are absorbed when eating leafy greens. In the last decade research has moved to Vitamin K2 which is very difficult to find in foods, with the exception of natto.

Studies reveal that vitamin K2 is more effective to build bone than calcium! Vitamin K2 puts calcium back in the bone where it belongs and is it is most beneficial.   It is wise to include natto in any bone-related challenge, like osteopenia or osteoporosis.  Natto tastes really bad so we worked and worked on our Happy Bones Tea and it no longer tastes nasty!



Medicinal Benefits of Natto:

* ultimate bone builder

* helps with bone mass loss

* most bio-available Vitamin K2 source

* powerful anti-oxidant

* may dissolve blood clots

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