Harmony West

Many Santa Feans know Harmony West as the founder of Magical Child Playschool, a preschool she directed for 20 years. This Creative Crone is also an Author, Energy Medicine Practitioner and Food Healing Instructor.

Her passion for superfoods inspired this venture, Mushroom Mama, a business featuring medicinal mushrooms, some of the healthiest foods on the planet!

Good for You. Good for the Planet.

We partner with Eden Projects because we want to make the world a better place and so does Eden. They provide economic incentives and simple planting techniques to support local communities in restoring their local environment and economy. Eden keeps it simple, so the systems can be easily replicated and implemented by people who don’t have many resources and must deal with treacherous roads, unreliable electricity and spotty internet. Putting the local community at the center of their work inspires great commitment to reforestation in their country and a sense of ownership to protect their forests long-term. With every single Mushroom Mama product you purchase, we donate money to Eden and they plant trees in communities all over the world…two trees for every tea you buy.

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