Golden Stamina contains All-Organic: Cordyceps, Turmeric and Black Pepper.

“Mushroom Mama’s teas are awesome! Golden stamina’s blend of-the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric and black pepper, plus the energy of cordyceps feels super supportive and I LOVE the way it tastes. It’s super-easy to make and I can take it in a thermos anywhere! Even while camping in the winter my thermos of Golden Stamina kept me warm and nourished.” – Daisy, Santa Fe

Cordyceps, sought out as an aphrodisiac, is especially useful in alleviating fatigue, enhancing physical endurance and mental acuity. These medicinal mushrooms help rid the body of free radical activity and have displayed a capacity to lower bad LDL cholesterol as they raise the good HDL cholesterol level.

Mushroom Mama Loves all the beings that populate the Earth. We are grateful to help our Earth by planting two trees for every tea sold through our partnership with the Eden Projects.