MushroomMama Immune Warrior Tea

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Immune Warrior blends chaga, cordyceps, maitake, red reishi and shiitake with cinnamon to totally rock your immune system!

3 oz medicinal mushroom tea powder in a reusable tin.

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2 reviews for MushroomMama Immune Warrior Tea

  1. Daisy Deardorff

    Immune Warrior is not only delicious as a tea – I add it to pancakes, waffles, french toast and breakfast smoothies. So good!

  2. Karla Lief (verified owner)

    I love Immune Warrior tea-picked some up while visiting Santa Fe, and have been ordering it since. After getting sick frequently over the past few years, I started focusing on my health, and drinking Immune Warrior daily- well, I haven’t been sick since! LOVE the taste, I mix a tsp of honey, and 2 tsp raw cacao, mmmmm! Delish!

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