ORG Chaga Tincture



2 oz brown eye-dropper bottle of Double-Extracted Chaga Tincture.

Chaga, perhaps the most healing medicinal mushroom, increases the body’s immune response, promotes cellular health and provides powerful antioxidant protection. Chaga contains an amazing 215 phytonutrients. Initial studies suggest that the betulinic acid in Chaga supports the body’s ability to eliminate toxins while also stimulating the nervous system.

“I started using this tincture, 1 or 2 droppers into some water twice a day and it has made a huge difference in my ability to fight off allergic reactions to all the tree pollens that are in the air now in Santa Fe. I have never had allergies before in my life and I’m over 60. I have been in Santa Fe for 3 years now and it has caught up with me. BUT Harmony’s tincture has eliminated my allergic reactions!” Kathleen, Santa Fe


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